Sessions in the hot tub

A dip in a luxurious hot tub – alone or with a friend!


Forget the stress of everyday life...

... and sink into the welcoming warmth of our aromatherapy oil hot tub.
Once you’re in our supersized bath tub you certainly won’t be in a hurry to get out!  Carefully selected oil-based bath essences are guaranteed to lighten your mood.
Add a glass of bubbly, or even a whole bottle of champagne, to make your soak in the bath hot tub extra special!

  • Essence of rosemary oil bath,  revitalising
  • Essence of pine oil bath, boosts the circulation and strengthens the body’s natural defences
  • Essence of melissa and alpine herb oil bath, invigorating and relaxing
  • Rose petal oil bath, calming and beneficial

1 glass of bubbly included in the price.

for 1 person

€ 45.00

for 2 persons

€ 65.00

  • Royal bath

Any of the above-listed bath sessions, plus 1 bottle of champagne.

for 1 person

€ 81.00

for 2 persons

€ 98.00


To book your hot tub session, simply go to our hotel reception.