Wellness oasis Lake Constance

If you want to really relax, come here and stay with us! Our hotel guests have free access to their own private Wellness oasis, featuring an indoor swimming pool with stunning views of Lake Constance, plus:

  • Finnish sauna with lighting effects
  • Romantic steam bath boasting its own „starry sky“
  • Revitalising Kneipp cold water therapy pool
  • Infra red heat cabin
  • lawn for sunbathing (in spring/summer)
  • NEW: Floating couch with "sun lawn"

You can also enjoy the beneficial Grander water flowing from the drinking fountain in the Oasis bar.
The GRANDER water revitalisation technique greatly increases the biological quality of regular tap water. It tastes good and is very quaffable. Plus points include:

  • very high water quality
  • boosts your general well-being
  • pleasant when applied to skin and hair
  • helps save on soap and detergents
  • discourages the build-up of rust and limescale

GRANDER water flows in the whole hotel. Use of this luxury complex is included in your room price, because if our guests feel good, we feel good too!