Cheese & wine cellar

Symbiosis with style

As an oenologist and qualified sommelier, Karlheinz Hehle is naturally passionate about wine. His cellar contains an eclectic selection of wines from the Lake Constance region, specialities from Austria’s wine-growing areas and countless fine vintages from other parts of the world

Magnums to Melchiors

We are particularly proud of our giant bottles, from magnums to Melchiors, as well as a number of rare wines and older vintages (1997, 1999, 2000) of superb Austrian reds.

Local cheeses

Our strong ties with the surrounding region are also obvious from our exceptional collection of cheeses. A lot of thought has gone into its compilation: Alpine cheese from Eichenberg, Camembert from neighbouring Möggers, local Bachensteiner and other tasty cheese varieties are lovingly presented for our guests to taste.

Wine and cheese tasting

Our rustic wine and cheese cellar, built from tiles dating back to the days of the Viennese monarchy, is the perfect place to sample our wine and cheese. Samples are presented in a way that is both informative and incredibly taste-intensive. This venerable old cellar is also a great place to indulge in a couple of aperitifs. There’s no person better qualified than sommelier and oenologist Karlheinz Hehle to guide you skilfully through the minefield potentially inherent in the worlds of wine and cheese.

Wine tasting prices:

Small wine and cheese combi tasting

€ 36

Large wine and cheese combi tasting

€ 49